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Obviously I wanted to get back to work and with that in mind the internist told me to try Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). I started working with a physiotherapist in the hospital. He told me to do less at first. Stop with the fitness and concentrate on the treatment only. Great. At first it was really below my “too much” threshold. It went well. It felt nice to have an expert helping me out. As weeks passed we were slowly building up and got to the point where I clearly passed the “too much” state. My heart was racing, I felt light-headed and had trouble getting home because of the feverish feeling and extremely blurred vision. That stayed for days. According to the therapist this was nothing to worry about and I just needed to hold on, to keep at it. I clearly had my doubts, my body which I normally listened to was telling me otherwise but I followed his instructions. After all he was the expert but I only got worse. The time to recover took longer and he got more frustrated with me questioning him and not being able to do the work. At the end he was lost. He suggested we do a ballet training in the hope that I would find that “click” that would reconnect my body to my mind as ballet was familiar to me. And so we did. I remember him leaning against the wall. Writing or drawing something on a piece of paper. Not really noticing what I was doing, he clearly had no idea what he was doing. The overexertion kicked my butt so hard I got incredibly ill from it and that was basically the last time I saw him.

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