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• Brand-Newbies , aka the five-year-olds, who all showed up in wackadoo outfits and bonded immediately, forming a little girl-gang
• Intermediate Shooters , girls who’d attended our course before and needed a little bit of a challenge and some fine-tuning, and
• Competitive Shooters , coached by our 15-year-old Sure Shot and competitive shooter Kyleigh Hayworth, who has attended our course every year since she was 11!

You know a girl is going to have one fat ass when she names her self AJ Applegate , I mean that boot does look like a big apple i fyou ask me.  She is doing her very first anal sex scene right here and of course she is doing it for Bang Bros .  You would think they would put her in Mr. Anal or something like that for it but nope… With a ass like this there is only one site she could be on for Bang Bros and that’s their Ass Parade site.

(electricity sound)
Male: Yo, welcome to Bang Van.
(rock music)
Voiceover: Bang Van!
Yo, yo, I'm totally about to get banged.
Voiceover: You only ride
with two horny girls,
get one unsuspecting dude
the ride of his life.
While we drive around in public, tell me -
(car bump)
Male: We're on the corner
of Fairfax, I think third.
All right so it's going
to be like an hour.
Driver: Just don't do that.
Male: Yeah [flair], welcome to -
Voiceover: Bang Cab.
(rock music)
Male: Somebody get my
bang on, dude let's do it.
(car break)
Driver: We blew the head gasket.
Male: Get out man, get out!
What's up man, welcome to Bang Shaw.
We're about to start banging,
everything's going smooth.
We got this thing our luck.
Driver: My ankle.
Male: Not, not again!
Get up!
Why God? Why can't I just get banged?
What's up man?
Yeah, welcome to Bang Blades!
Let's do this, let's get it on.
(car beeping)
Oh god!
Male: Oh shit son, you just
got hit by a Fuck Bus doggie.
Male: [Why bother], its broken.
Female: Move, move, move!
Male: I got three trauma victims here.
Heavy bleeding, trying
to bang on a stretcher.
Male: Oh my god, it hurts.
Voiceover: Bang Stretcher.

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Bang Bang - Shoot The Model (Shield Remix)Bang Bang - Shoot The Model (Shield Remix)Bang Bang - Shoot The Model (Shield Remix)Bang Bang - Shoot The Model (Shield Remix)