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It is said that two monks, Máximo and Fromestano ( Latin : Maximus et Fromestanus ), founded the city in 761. That settlement was soon to be completed with the construction of a small church dedicated to Saint Vincent . Oviedo was established on an uninhabited hillside, with no Visigothic or Roman foundation before it became an Asturian city. [2] Following Pelagius, who died in 737, Alfonso I (739-57) founded a dynasty that would last until 1037. The Asturian Kingdom was on hostile terms with southern Moorish Spain. In 794, Oviedo was sacked and pillaged by Caliph Hisham I in one of his numerous campaigns against the Christian kingdoms. [3]

EDITADO EN  ESPAÑA EN 1990. Virgen se está peinando del Niño Jesús ayayay d Roma José Virgen tiene un pañuelo/Hacia Belén caminan , en la puerta hay un Niño tarantan de Belén Fideles  

Filarmónica Gil - Filarmónica GilFilarmónica Gil - Filarmónica GilFilarmónica Gil - Filarmónica GilFilarmónica Gil - Filarmónica Gil